Karin Winegar


Karin Winegar was born horse crazy in Albert Lea, Minnesota and never got over that stage — she even took her horse to college with her.  Her family also allowed her to have dogs, hamsters and parakeets, and she was always bringing home birds, rabbits, frogs, salamanders and snakes that she assumed needed rescuing.  Karin wanted to be a veterinarian, of course, but when she stood at the blackboard in seventh grade and wrote the formula for water as 2HO, she knew she would have to find some other career path.

She graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota and attended graduate school in English literature at the University of Minnesota.  She became a reporter at the Minneapolis Star (later the Star Tribune) where she wrote feature stories, editorials, book reviews and interviewed celebrities and authors for two decades. 

Her freelance work has appeared in publications ranging from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal to Practical Horseman, Cowboys & Indians, Conde Nast Traveler and Sailing magazine.  Her commentaries have appeared on the Minnesota Public Radio website.

Karin's work has won Lowell Thomas Awards for both investigative reporting and for maritime journalism.  She has won numerous awards in the equine industry including two AQHA Steel Dust Awards and the U.S. Equestrian Award. 

She currently specializes in writing and producing privately commissioned biographies. 

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