Privately commissioned histories

A legacy preserved, a history revealed, a precious gift for family, colleagues or friends.

Karin Winegar creates luxury biographies that ensure that your story lives on in a volume that you will be eager to share. Her vast research and interview experience distill your life into a compelling and accurate narrative, and, in cooperation with superb designers and photographers, she produces a work of beauty as well as a fine read.


High Expectations, The Doug Leatherdale Story


Never Stop Dreaming, The Gus Schickedanz Story


Horse Feed Press

Horse Feed Press provides custom writing, editing, design, printing and marketing services to those with a story to tell, a history to preserve or a joy to share. It is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

(It takes its name from the fact that profits go to the author’s horse feed bill.)

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Lost Man Found is now available at bookstores and through Amazon. It has its own site:


Can a man without conscience ever really change?

Sam tells it straight about killing, love, prison, practicing recovery, the possibility of genuine friendship and the purpose of life. In doing so, he saves his own lost self and shows the way to others.

"What a story! It was compelling from beginning to end.  I do think it's a page turner.  And his recovery is powerfully conveyed.  It serves as a great example to all of us that lives can be turned around."

Karen Casey, author of Each Day a New Beginning

“What a moving account, unsparingly candid, of a man turning from darkness to light. May Sam’s story help those also struggling to know that love and peace are possible, even for the very lost.”
— Fr. Richard Rohr, author of Falling Upward, Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life

“A remarkable book. As a veteran from the Vietnam era and a recovering alcoholic, I easily related to the man’s agonizing journey from hell back to a full and productive life. If ever one needed proof that God is alive and well and acting in our lives, and that Alcoholics Anonymous works if you work it, it’s here in these pages. He should have died many times over, and yet here he is in full recovery because of his brutal honesty about himself and his faith in a higher power. And I admire how Karin Winegar has expertly woven his story together and placed it in historical context. A great book! This one’s a keeper.”

Peter Converse McDonald, MDiv.


Other books by Karin


What is it humans receive in return for cherishing and caring for needy animals?

SAVED is a coast to coast journey about the relationship between the saved and the saviors and how the lives of people are forever changed for the best by saving the lives of animals.
Who is actually a rescuer when a human saves a dog from death on the highway, a castaway cat from starvation in the woods, a tropical bird from a tiny cage in a dark, lonely room, a horse from the meat market auction and takes the animal home?
People who take in injured or lost animals certainly save lives, but it is the animals that make their rescuers' lives worthwhile by their devotion, their sense of joy in the moment, their quirks and their kindness.

SAVED is available in bookstores and on Amazon.

"SAVED is an extraordinarily poignant book. Unfortunately, we tend to treat animals even worse than we treat ourselves or others socially, emotionally, and politically. Redemption comes from changing our behavior toward animals which then spreads to the rest of our lives. They try their best to help us in this process. This book is a roadmap for our possible redemption."

Novelist Jim Harrison, author of "Legends of the Fall"

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful stuff. These are beautiful tales told beautifully. Karin has poured her intense love of animals into every sentence. That love and her considerable genius at writing come through in ways that cannot but touch and uplift any reader still possessed of an immortal soul. And as for Judy’s photos, the woman is amazing. I LOVED them. My God.”
— Nevada Barr, award-winning mystery novelist

"Saved: Rescued Animals and the Lives They Transform," is nearly unbearable The book is also absolutely riveting, but I wasn't about to crack this one without knowing, going in, that each of these tales has a happy ending.

Amy Goetzman, review

“SAVED proves once again that love rescues us all.”
— Rita Mae Brown, Emmy award-winning author of the Sneaky Pie Brown mystery series