“Karin Winegar is the best listener I have ever met. Period. And she is a great and generous writer, someone of wisdom, insight and intelligence. Congratulations, Karin, for another spot-on analysis of what most of us just dither about. I'll be forwarding this article to everyone I know.”

John Louis Anderson, author of “Scandinavian Humor and Other Myths”

“Karin I saw your article in the LA Times. Wow you nailed it! You are the first writer I have worked with that has really got it right.
Would it be possible to post it on our website?
Also if you didn’t know, we won the race.”
— Tiffany Krihwan - Sr. Captain of the S/V Denis Sullivan

 “SAVED is an homage to the profound power of mutual healing. In graceful, simple language, Karin Winegar has written a definitive and compassionate book and essential reading for the new century. These stories are more than the sum of their parts: they reflect relationships and value systems that illustrate the deepest potential for our capacity to be kind and what can happen if we are.”

Susan Richards - Author of "Chosen by a Horse" New York Times bestselling novel

“SAVED is an extraordinarily poignant book. Unfortunately, we tend to treat animals even worse than we treat ourselves or others socially, emotionally, and politically. Redemption comes from changing our behavior toward animals which then spreads to the rest of our lives. They try their best to help us in this process. This book is a roadmap for our possible redemption.”
— Novelist Jim Harrison - Author of "Legends of the Fall"

“SAVED proves once again that love rescues us all.”

Rita Mae Brown - Emmy award winning author of the Sneaky Pie Brown mystery series

“This book reminds us that there are so many people out there taking animals into their hearts, their homes, and their lives. All of the stories presented here convey one simple truth, that when it comes to animals, we receive far more than we give, in love, comfort, and happiness.”
— Wayne Pacelle - President, Humane Society of the United States

“Wow. Karin Winegar has a marvelous feel for animals and an equally marvelous feel for a good story. As a result, this book will break your heart, then heal it anew.”

Mariah Burton Nelson - Author of "The Unburdened Heart: Five Keys to Forgiveness and Freedom" and "We Are All Athletes."

“SAVED is a graceful book full of kindness and human charity. With stories both happy and sad, the book is a beautiful reminder that our fellow creatures have gifts of their own to share with us, and that active compassion for animals makes us better people.”
— Matthew Scully - Former Presidential speechwriter and author of "Dominion"

“Bravo to all those who rescue dogs (in SAVED), the anonymous heros, those among the shadows who do what must be done. Although it is recognized that without them many human lives would not have been saved, some people continue to abandon these precious beings who help our emotional and physical survival. Those dogs abandoned by their unworthy masters don’t subsequently hesitate a second to risk their lives to save ours. Bravo and thank you to the dogs! ”

Brigitte Bardot - Actress

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful stuff. These are beautiful tales told beautifully. Karin has poured her intense love of animals into every sentence. That love and her considerable genius at writing come through in ways that cannot but touch and uplift any reader still possessed of an immortal soul. And as for Judy’s photos, the woman is amazing. I LOVED them. I will frame them and put them on my wall and gloat. My god. The homeless guy with the dogs. Stunning. The woman and the bird, too, puts all of Vogue to shame. The crippled woman and the dog makes me proud to be human because these creatures can love us.”
— Nevada Barr - Award-winning mystery novelist